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10 Common Wedding Dress Mistakes

All women want to feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident on their wedding day. Unfortunately, some brides don’t feel this way due to a few innocent missteps made during the shopping process. This might happen because a bride is unfamiliar with how to shop for a bridal gown, feeling caught up in the excitement, or too easily swayed by the opinions of other people. To ensure that you make solid choices when it comes to your wedding-day attire, steer clear of these 10 common wedding dress mistakes. 

Helping the bride to put her wedding dress on

10 Common Wedding Dress Mistakes

1. Starting the search too late.

Bridal gowns typically arrive six months after they’re ordered, and they often require alterations. Start your search about 8 to 12 months prior to your wedding day to ensure that your selection isn’t limited to the few dresses that will be ready on time. If you procrastinate, you might end up wearing a dress you don’t love. 

2. Letting other people pressure you into buying a certain dress.

You should never let someone pressure or persuade you into purchasing a particular dress, whether it’s your opinionated mother, your fashionista friend, or a well-meaning consultant. Sometimes other people’s opinions are helpful as you narrow down your choices. Other times, they’re distracting and detrimental. For this reason, we encourage you to choose your shopping companions carefully – or shop alone! And if you feel any doubts about your decision, sleep on it and return another day. 

3. Aiming to please other people.

Even if you shop on your own, you might find yourself focusing on what other people will say about your dress. Will your conservative grandmother think it’s too low-cut? Will your frugal best friend think it’s too pricey? Will your wedding guests be impressed? Frankly, the answers to these questions don’t matter. You can’t please everyone. Plus, on your wedding day, no one will tell you that they dislike your gown. You are the one who will wear the dress and look at photos of the dress for years to come. At the end of the day, all that matters is that you love your wedding gown. Don’t aim to please anyone but yourself.

4. Demanding the wrong size.

Don’t pay attention to sizes as you shop, and don’t demand a particular size simply because that’s the size of the dresses in your closet. Bridal gowns don’t always run true to size, so your measurements are far more important than your typical dress size. Trust your consultant to select the right size. In addition, don’t purchase a smaller gown because you plan to lose weight before your wedding day. Be realistic, and remember that you can always have a dress taken in if you do lose weight. Of all these common wedding dress mistakes, this is the easiest to avoid – just sit back, relax, and let your consultant select the appropriate size for you.

5. Being swayed by a discount.

Everyone loves a good discount, but that doesn’t mean you should let steep sales or discount prices tempt you into buying a dress you don’t love. Ask your consultant to find dresses within your budget and then focus on which dress you like the most. Although you might save money with a discount dress, sometimes the savings aren’t worth the sacrifice. 

6. Forgetting about comfort.

Some dresses are easier to move around in than others. Pay attention to your comfort and range of motion, so that you’re aware of how the dress will feel on the big day. Some brides are willing to sacrifice comfort in order to achieve a certain look, while others want to feel as comfortable as possible. Keep this in mind if you want a dress that hugs your hips (like a fit and flare, trumpet, or mermaid), a dress with a long train, or a dress with lots of embellishment.  

7. Wearing the wrong undergarments.

Without the proper undergarments, a great gown may look or feel uncomfortable. Be sure to discuss your undergarments with your consultant when you find a dress you love. Some dresses feature such a structured bustier that a bra is unnecessary, while others require the purchase of a new bra, underwear, or Spanx. Your undergarments should be both flattering and functional, so that you aren’t pulling up your strapless dress or frustrated by a wedgie all night.

8. Selecting an Unrealistic Budget for Your Gown

One of the biggest wedding dress mistakes brides make is shopping without a budget. Why? You run the risk of falling in love with a gown you simply cannot afford, which can ruin your entire shopping experience. A bridal consultant would be happy to help you find your dream dress within your budget. So take some time before your appointment, and consider the additional costs of taxes and alterations. Then, select a comfortable price or price range for your dress.

9. Buying a dress you don’t love.

Of all our common wedding dress mistakes, this is the most unfortunate. You deserve to love your wedding dress. Though this may sound crazy, many brides buy gowns they don’t love for a variety of reasons. Caught up in the moment, they might let other people’s opinions, the lure of a discount, or their childhood dreams overshadow their own ideas about a dress. Remember that once a dress has been purchased, it cannot be returned. So if you have any reservations, keep looking.

10. Choosing an unreliable, disreputable store.

Have you ever heard one of those nightmarish stories in which a bride purchases a lovely wedding dress but never receives it because the company goes bankrupt or disappears from town? Unfortunately, it happens. Although that situation is extremely unlikely to happen to you, we encourage you to locate a reliable, reputable, and well-respected shop instead of shopping online or using a poorly reviewed bridal salon. Not only will this give you confidence as you hand over your credit card, but it will also make a significant impact on your shopping experience as a whole. Plus, a great bridal shop will help you avoid these common wedding dress mistakes.

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