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Bridal Accessories 101

After you’ve found a gorgeous wedding dress, pairing it with the right bridal accessories can make your outfit feel complete. Consider the basic elements of design, however, before going all-in with every type of accessory imaginable. If you choose the right accessories, your outfit will feel balanced and you can decide which feature you want as the focal point (statement earrings, a beaded belt, your dress’s neckline, etc.). To help you explore your options, we’ve created a list of several types of bridal accessories and tips for how to incorporate them into your wedding look.

A woman wearing a wedding dress and veil, slightly turned around with a cream background.Exploring Bridal Accessories

Veils and Hair Accessories

This age-old classic is the perfect way to add a timeless look to your outfit. Before choosing a veil, consider whether or not you want it to be a focal point of your outfit or just a complementary accessory to your dress. The human eye needs a place to rest when looking at a piece of art, and your bridal outfit certainly should be a work of art. If you want people to notice your veil first and then your dress, consider selecting a veil with a long train or intricate details like lacework. However, if your dress already has a lot of pattern and detail, you might like a shorter, simpler veil to let your dress take center stage.

Some brides are choosing to forgo veils these days. If you would prefer not to wear one, consider selecting another hair accessory, like a barrette, a headband, or a tiara. You could also wear a hat or a fascinator with netting that hangs over your eyes.

Belts and Sashes

Even if you’re in love with your dress just the way it is, consider trying on a few bridal belts to see if they enhance the look. Both belts and sashes will highlight your waist, and a belt with a little bit of sparkle can completely transform the entire feel of your dress. They tend to work well on ballgowns, A-line, sheath, and mermaid dresses. 

If you want to make sure your belt will stay in place all day, you can ask your seamstress to sew it into your dress. Or, you could ask your seamstress to sew small loops on either side of your dress. That way you can wear your bridal belt with other dresses after your wedding day; it’s a great way to accessorize on other special occasions, like your wedding anniversary. 


Shoes are the only bridal accessories that most brides consider a vital part of their outfit (omitting barefoot beach brides, of course). Depending on what type of dress you choose, your wedding guests might only catch a glimpse of your shoes on the dance floor. So feel free to go with a bold heel as a statement, or play it safe with some comfy yet elegant ballet flats. Some brides like to use their shoes as a way to add a pop of color to their outfit, and you can even coordinate them to match your groom’s tie. Whichever shoes you choose, make sure you choose early. The height of your heels will affect your wedding dress alterations


When it comes to wedding jewelry, most brides choose a necklace, a bracelet, or additional rings that will complement, not distract, from their engagement and wedding rings. One easy way to match your additional accessories to your rings is to choose the same metal. For example, if your wedding ring is rose gold, choose rose gold jewelry. Keep in mind that not every dress will pair well with a necklace. Halter-top dresses and dresses with a high neckline might interfere with a necklace, and the necklace could even catch on the delicate lacework of your dress if the materials overlap. V-necks, sweetheart necklines, and off-the-shoulder dresses all look great with short necklaces. However, don’t be afraid to play around with a vintage pendant necklace on a long chain. 


Accessories are a great way to show some personality and customize your wedding look. If you’re searching for the perfect bridal accessories to complete your ensemble, stop by Normans Bridal. Our showroom is full of shoes, belts, veils, jewelry, and more. Our bridal consultants can help you assemble your full bridal look, from your dress to your shoes and hair accessories. RSVP for a fitting at our downtown Springfield store by giving us a call at 417-866-9800 or contact us through our website.