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Counterfeit Wedding Dress Woes

counterfeit dress_2


A designer wedding gown is a one-of-a-kind original, made with a careful eye toward quality and overall aesthetic. Not only are there counterfeit wedding dresses being sold online, but copyrighted images from the designers site are being used without their consent to falsely imply that the dresses purchased from these sites would look, feel, or be of similar quality to the originals. This is not true.

Don’t be tempted by the promises of these sites. We understand that the economic times are turning many brides to carefully look at their options, but be warned that these sites are not trustworthy. Good Morning America even did a segment specifically on the options available to brides to save money. They ordered from a sampling of online sites (one wedding gown and two bridesmaid dresses) and found all to be lacking, sometimes horrifically so (an unfinished wedding gown with pins holding it together.)