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“Do you Speak Bride?”

Since Brenda opened Normans Bridal in 1980 so much has changed in the bridal industry. What brides want and expect has also changed. After all, brides today aren’t wearing hats, long sleeve satin gowns with high necks and pointy pumps like they were in 1980. 

Monday and Tuesday we were honored with having Wendy Rivera of Ava Loren Design inspire us to be better stylists, better friends and better people.

Wendy speaks to the heart. We were empowered to show our “LOVE” to our brides. Planning a wedding, picking a dress and dealing with the many decisions a bride has to make can be over-whelming.  What if we were to show our brides how important they are to us as a person?  We aren’t just here to sell dresses. We are part of the over all experience of planning one of the most important and meaningful days in a brides life. 

We were challenged. 

We have accepted that challenge.

At Normans we LOVE our brides! But, we want you to know and feel this love. 

We are so excited to start implementing our new ideas! What will we come up with? Time will tell. 


Wendy Rivera (Ava Loren) and Brenda Norman(owner)
Normans Bridal Staff with Wendy
Second Generation of Normans-Liz Stoner wrote this Facebook post shortly after completing the two-day intensive.