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Don’t Get Faked!

authentic fakeIn 2013, American women bought over 700,000 prom dresses and wedding dresses from top-tier designers,  only to later realize they had purchased  a counterfeit dress. These dresses are not only made by unskilled dressmakers, but they most often use far inferior fabric and result in a bargain-bin look. 

The designer gown sources understand that as first-class dressmakers they are bound to be targeted by counterfeiters. Our designers provide us with authentic product images so you can be assured you are viewing the authentic designer product that will actually be delivered .  We want you to look your very best, but that simply can’t happen in a cheap knockoff.  The easiest way to make sure you’re getting the authentic quality dresses is to use the store locators to confirm the legitimate retailer you are planning to order  from or that is  near you before you buy.  

Planning a wedding or a prom outing can be extremely stressful, so we make it so that you never have to wonder if the elegant dress you’ve ordered for your big day is real or not.  Normans Bridal provides customers with the convenience to browse and shop online with confidence. 


Don’t buy from websites selling fakes! Innocent customers end up spending lots of money and get scammed into buying horrible fakes. See this example of the poor quality, and cheap looking fakes that unauthorized retailers sell.  Together, we can make sure fake does not happen to you