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A variety of succulent wedding favors with name tags.

Gifts that your Wedding Guests Will Actually Like

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable. When giving your guests favors, it’s important to give gifts that people will love and remember your wedding by. Nothing says memorable like personalized favors for every guest!


His and Hers

Whether the favor is alcohol or candy, his and her favorites can be the perfect way to give your guests something personalized from the bride and groom. Bonus points if they are both very diverse! We love a good candy/chocolate, or sweet/sour combination. 


Custom Soda Bottles 

Another personalized favor can be something special that your guests will love. Having customizable soda bottles, you can have a variety of flavors that everyone will be sure to love. 


Anything Edible

Some people will say food is the way to their heart! Implementing food such as what you ate on a first date, or anything that is meaningful to the bride and groom is a perfect way to share your story with everyone attending your wedding. 


Plant Seeds/Plants

Something different could be personalized plants/seeds that are special to the bride and groom. This could be such as a favorite flower, bush, or tree. The options are endless! This is also another way to be eco friendly, while leaving your guests with an interactive gift that can last for years.


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