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How To Create A Wedding Budget

Are you looking for ways to create a bridal budget and save money on your wedding costs? When it comes to weddings these days, expenses can add up quickly and racking up the credit card is never a good feeling. But with a little organization and steps to follow, saving money can be easier than you think! Saving money can also mean splurging on another area important to you on your wedding day, or even your honeymoon! Follow these steps for a wedding budget breakdown that won’t break the bank.

Step 1: What type of wedding do you want?
By determining what type of wedding you want can help you come up with a certain number of guests to invite. If you’re having trouble, starting with a guest list instead can help you figure out what venue is respectful for your wedding.

Step 2: Determine your non-negotiables
As a couple, determining your top 3 wedding must-haves is a perfect start. From there, it is easier to cut out things you don’t need at your wedding. Cutting out a couple of those things you can live without can make a HUGE difference in saving money.
Remember! Only budget a wedding for your affordable dreams! When starting a beautiful life together, starting out in debt is never romantic.

Step 3: Start prepping with resources
Start prepping now, so you don’t have to pay more later! Using your resources can be very beneficial when using premade worksheets, wedding calendars and online wedding calculators to keep track of your expenses.

Step 4: What can you DIY?
Doing DIY’s when it comes to your wedding can help you save a lot of money. So, it is smart to DIY when you can. But that being said, make sure you’re not stressing yourself out to the point where you can’t enjoy your big day. Also, before doing your own projects, make sure it really is cheaper in the long run (including time, stress, and costs).

In the end, beyond making and keeping your wedding budget, is to remember the wedding is about you—and not about impressing or entertaining others. Communicate clearly and constantly together about what’s important and what’s not, so that you can have the wedding of your dreams.

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