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plan your wedding from home

How To Plan Your Wedding From Home

How Plan Your Wedding at Home
Wedding planning is stressful enough when the world isn’t undergoing a pandemic. For those of you who are lucky enough to be planning their special day during this crazy time we are here to help! Use these tips to help plan the perfect wedding day from the comfort of your couch!

Use Online Resources
There are so many online resources out there to help you find ideas and to help keep everything organized for the big day. Pinterest  is a MUST for ideas on everything from centerpieces,bridal party gifts and color pallets. Make sure to keep your wedding board sorted by categories for easier access.
Another great resource to make wedding planning a breeze is The Knot Wedding Planner . It allows you to customize a website complete with R.S.V.P, directions to the wedding and hotel information, links to your registries and more! They even have an app you can download to make planning on the go so much easier! It will even notify you when a guest R.S.V.P’s and guests can send you messages there as well.

Create Registries
Speaking of registries, this is also the perfect time to choose where you would like to register. It’s an even better time to start your registries. Most retail establishments have moved their registry sign ups to online only, excluding Bed Bath and Beyond who are one of the few retailers that still allow you the joy of using the scanning gun! But, don’t forget to shop local as much as you can. Take this time to do your research on the items you are most interested in (particularly the larger or more expensive items) to see which stores offer the best prices, colors, reviews, etc. before deciding where to register. Once you’ve created your registries you can link them to the wedding website you created earlier!

Do Your Research
What else is there to do when you are stuck inside and avoiding any and all chores? Search the web for wedding vendors of course! In today’s wedding industry, almost everyone has an online presence. Make sure to check out social media platforms along with their websites. Use these to get a feel for the type of company they are, what their work looks like, or what products they offer. This is a great place to look for reviews as well! If you are shopping for items like wedding dresses and bridesmaid’s gowns or tuxes and suits, you will soon discover there are MANY different places to shop. Most places will have an online gallery of what they offer in store for you to virtually shop through, which will help you determine what stores will be most helpful to visit.

Planning Tip:

Make a categorized list of vendors you need for your wedding. ( Excel is great to help keep everything organized). When you find a vendor that you are interested in, write them down and make notes about prices, services they offer, reviews or rating and more. This will allow you to compare vendors in each category easily and help lead you to making the right choice for your wedding.

Legal Documents
This is also a great time to look into those pesky legal documents like a marriage license and or a liquor license (if your venue and or hired bartender doesn’t already provide one). You may also need to look into the process of how to change your last name and the paperwork that goes along with it if you wish to name change after the wedding.

There is so much that can be done to plan your wedding from home that doesn’t involve leaving the house at all! Utilizing the free time you have now to lay the ground work for things to be done later will help make planning much more stress free! Even during these tough times, wedding professionals are still here to help in any way they can! Don’t be afraid to reach out through their websites or social media pages to ask questions or to set up a skype or facetime meeting. Now is the time to use the internet to your advantage!

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