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Meet Prom 2024 Ambassador Sadie Conway



Sadie’s deets-

What made you want to be a Normans Prom Ambassador?
I wanted to be a Normans Prom Ambassador because I have always looked forward to seeing the previous ambassadors post and be a spotlight for Normans, and I wanted to be apart of that. I also have heard nothing but good things about the Normans staff and how fun they are to work with. It is also a plus being able to try on the most beautiful dresses.

Tell us about you? What are your favorite hobbies? What makes you, you?
My name is Sadie Conway I am a senior at Nixa High School. I am a big people person, I love hanging out with my friends either going out or staying in for a good movie night. I am a big talker and love meeting new people. I enjoy going to church, spending time with my family and playing basketball as well.

What do you plan to do after high school?
After high school I plan on going to Rockhurst University to continue my academic and basketball career and plan on becoming a NICU nurse.

What advice would you give to other high school students?
Advice I would give to other high school students is to take advantage of this time. Do all the activities that you can life will never be as simple as it is right now. Take this time to have fun.

Hollis attends Nixa High School.