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Next Step, Bridesmaid Dresses!

Have you ever heard the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen?” It means there are too many opinions happening at one time.  When it comes to shopping for bridesmaid dresses this can happen often! Coming to a bridesmaid appointment prepared can save so much time, energy and sometimes money. Here are the top things to consider when it comes to bridesmaid dresses.

Choose your bridal party wisely

Deciding who to ask to be a bridesmaid can sometimes be difficult. As a bride, you must ask yourself a simple question…” Who can I not image my wedding without?” The people you ask to stand up with you at your wedding need to be people who love and support you. They also support your upcoming marriage and who you can count on to be there when you need help or guidance. Whether you have 1 or 15 bridesmaids, let them be the people who matter the most.

Find your wedding gown first

Seeing brides plan their weddings in a multitude of ways over the years we highly recommend finding your wedding gown first. Your wedding gown is the center of your bridal party and therefore should be considered when choosing what your girls will wear. Especially when many brides are wearing colors other than white or ivory.

Research your wedding and dress color options

With the use of Pinterest, brides can imagine a vast array of color combinations for their special day. Before shopping for dresses make sure to research what colors you would like to incorporate into your bridal party, flowers and wedding décor. It will make the dress shopping experience much easier. Starting with deciding on the designer that provides the best color options for your vision and allows your stylist to pull dress styles that are guaranteed to come in that color. Also make sure when you are choosing your wedding colors that you choose options for the color in which the other half of the bridal party will be wearing because again just like your wedding gown, that color should be considered in the decision-making process as well.

Come bridesmaid dress shopping with an open mind

The most important thing to do when shopping for bridesmaid dresses is to keep an open mind. Most bridal parties have women in all shapes and sizes and sometimes one style of dress doesn’t work for everybody.  Make sure your bridal party knows your vision before coming to the appointment. It will be much easier for them to find a dress that works best for them and you too. Above all, when shopping for dresses, remember to have fun! This is a time for you to enjoy with your closest girlfriends and for one more piece of your wedding vision to come together!

If you need more tips for bridesmaid dress shopping, look to your local wedding dress shop. If you live near southwest Missouri, the team of experts at Normans Bridal are here to help. Not only will our experienced consultants help you find a dress that’s beautiful and flattering, but they can also help you assemble an entire prom look, from the dress to jewelry and hair accessories. Stop by our downtown Springfield store when you’re ready to start shopping, and give us a call at 417-866-9800 if you have any questions. Be sure to visit our website to view our wide selection of wedding,bridesmaid and prom dresses. In addition, follow us on Instagram to see the latest prom dresses and ball gowns arriving in store.