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something old

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

These days, it’s so easy to blend in so here are a few ways to be unique and stand out. We always say dare to be different! The blue garter and borrowed jewelry will always be a huge tradition. But, switching it up can add a little bit of something special to your wedding day that only you can have.

Something Old
Picking out something old for your wedding is one of the easier things you can include in your wedding. Wearing a family heirloom such as a necklace or pair of earrings is very special touch and can also double as something blue but also consider something fun like blue shoes, or a blue bow tied inconspicuously in your flower bouquet.

Something New
Something new is also another easy category. Some simple ideas you can count as your new item are your wedding dress, makeup, or perfume. Perfume is a good way to have one specific smell for your big day, so everything you smell it, those memories will be there.  Another interesting idea could be a new home key in your bouquet.

Something Borrowed
When it comes to something borrowed, implementing family member’s items is a great way to go. Using anything from your family members weddings such as a veil, jewelry, slip or hair piece is super easy. But, also think about borrowing your dads favorite tie to wrap your bouquet in or maybe as simple as a borrowed purse.

Something Blue
Blue is such a beautiful color that can be used as a simple light hue at your wedding, or it can be used as a pop of color! Using blue as an accent color at your wedding can be the perfect way to implement that tradition. Other unique ways to go would be to use a beloved pet’s blue collar wrapped around your bouquet, this can serve as a way to keep your pet there with you on your big day.  Also, something fun like blue shoes, or a blue bow tied inconspicuously in your flower bouquet work perfectly well.

Whatever items you implement on your big day will be special, and will be perfect, no matter what they are. We hope these tips can give your wedding day a little bit of a unique touch!

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