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Ali and Jeremy’s April 2016 Beautiful Spring Wedding


Ali’s Side of the Story: I had planned to go to a church group called “The Table” with a couple of my friends. We went, ate supper and left.  On the way out my friend Sara turned to me and said “So what about the guy in the camo hat at the end of the table?!”  I just smiled and said ‘I’m happy and single and still new to Missouri!’  I did happen to notice he didn’t have a ring on; nor did he ever even look at me (He later told me that he never even saw me -Disappointment).  A couple months went by before I could make it to the next Table meeting and this time he wasn’t across the table….just 2 chairs away.  At the end he leaned over and asked if I was coming to board game night….NO WAY!  I had to think of a nice way to say no…seriously who host board game nights and who goes on a Saturday?!  Finally, weeks, later he messaged me on Facebook after learning I was volunteering at the gift wrap booth all Christmas and asked where to get his Christmas gifts wrapped; from then on we have never stopped talking! He’s dealt with my CRAZY holiday schedule, my love of Christmas and odd love of penguins. He’s learned that there is no such thing as too much glitter, I can never make up my mind at restaurants and that I have no idea how to say no to volunteering.  I have learned how to play a lot of board games, I learned Legos aren’t always to play with, motorcycles worry me, and being with someone who makes me constantly laugh and smile is the best thing I can possibly think of!

Jeremys Side of the Story: A long time ago in a galaxy…. actually just right here in Missouri, there was a beautiful girl that showed up to our church group meeting with a couple of her friends. I happened to notice her at the other end of the table, but was deep in geeky conversation with my good friend Chris. I have seen many single girls come and go from the group, so I didn’t think anything of it at the time. A couple months went by and low and behold she showed up again, and even sat near me. Of course by this time a couple of the other guys in our group had told me about this new single girl at one of our monthly beer Mondays, so I was ready, you know, as ready as I could be I guess. One of my friends, John, confirmed which one she was, so I began conversing with her, every once in a while. When the end of the night came around and we were all saying goodbyes I made sure to remind everyone that I was having another board game night at my house soon in the hopes that she might attend. After that meeting I setup an event on Facebook for the board game night and no sooner than me posting it she responded with a no. So of course I gave her a hard time (geez, at least think about it for 2 seconds before you say no). That’s when I found at how busy her schedule was with her volunteer work at the gift wrap booth, so I knew I had my work cut out for me. We started chatting quite a bit on Facebook after that and I somehow convinced her to come over and decorate my Christmas tree for me. I think I had her form the moment we met, or second time rather. From then on I’ve slowly been introducing her to my geeky world a little bit at a time, so as not to scare her off. I love this beautiful woman and can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

Engagement:  For MONTHS Jeremy had been working on a wooden jewelry box.  There is nothing this man can’t create from his own mind.  Jeremy had told me he had planned on making a jewelry box for his mom for Mother’s Day. We even went to Menards when we were visiting his parents and picked out the lumber. Every trip back to see his parents he worked away in the shop; since I thought it was for his mom I kept her out of the shop!  This went on for multiple trips until it was finally finished enough to take it back to Springfield for the final steps before his mother would receive it. Then on Mother’s day, after my parents had been in town all weekend and had just left, he asked me to send a picture of him with the jewelry box to his mom so she could see it, even though she wouldn’t be to Springfield for a few weeks.  So nothing unusual, I took the picture, then he said “Take a picture with the lid off” So as he lifted the lid it said “Will You Marry Me?”  I was so beyond confused why he would write that on his mom’s box…was this a joke?  Was there something I was missing?  He then got down on one knee with the little black box and it all clicked.  Was he serious?  He is serious?  OH MY GOSH!  YES!!!!!!!!  Of course I was crying and shaking and excited.  I had no idea that it was coming!!!  Then as tears are streaming down my face he says there are 2 notes for me to read.  Ever try to read a note while everything is blurry from tears?  Almost impossible! My parents each wrote letters about marriage and our relationship and granting their permission, it was the sweetest thing ever.  He said he also messaged my sister for her permission (Of course she told him no first….have to make the poor boy sweat! After 5 minutes she said yes thank goodness).  It wasn’t until later I really got a chance to sit and see what was all in the box.  Everything from part of a Christmas ornament we broke when decorating his tree, to movie tickets we had gone to, the cap from a car battery (first time he tried to take me out in his truck the battery was dead) and other little things he had saved without me knowing. After lots of phone calls, texts and happy friends we are now ready for a wedding and the rest of our lives!

 From the moment we got engaged in May 2016, on Mother’s Day, we were excited to plan our day and become husband and wife!  We of course started looking at venues and colors, and styles of weddings, Jeremy was great all along the planning, he actually cared.  When I said my mom was coming to town to go dress shopping with me all he had to say was have fun and make it sparkly.  He knows there is nothing I love more than a little sparkle in my life.  We originally went to another bridal shop than Normans and as I was picking out dresses a flower delivery was for me!  “Take your time and find the most amazing dress for our day. Love you” My mom and I were both in tears, he is beyond the most thoughtful man I have ever met!  We narrowed it down to 2 gowns at that store but I couldn’t commit, we went to Normans just too see, and after trying on different styles I found one that I liked, A LOT, soon we found a veil I liked to match and then it became THE DRESS, I didn’t want to leave the store without it, but I wanted my dad’s final thoughts.  We all went back later in the day, my mom, dad, and sister (via text).  And soon we walked out with my dream dress a big sparkly ball gown!  Norman’s was wonderful helping me find a dress that I felt good in, yet wasn’t strapless and was slightly conservative. They contacted the maker of the veil to see if I could get it in cathedral length like I had always dreamed and they made everything go so smoothly and stress free!

Our wedding was April 9, 2016 when we walked down the aisle at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seaton, friends and family fame from Texas, California, Nebraska and Kansas to witness out special moment!   My bridesmaids were friends from Nebraska, sister from California, a college friend from Kansas that was there when I met Jeremy, and my soon to be sister-in-law. Jeremy had his friends from high school and college from California and a friend from Missouri in his grooms party.  I couldn’t imagine a better day to get married, it was perfect weather, all the tulips were in bloom, grass was turning green and trees were blooming, it was absolutely picture perfect!


Photographer: Beth’s Photography

Ceremony: Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church
Reception:  Knights of Columbus Hall – Diamond Room

Flowers: Artistry in Bloom

Cake: Charity Fent Cake Design