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Allison and Johnathan’s Affinity Wedding~March 10,2018

My photographer was Chris Killingsworth.

My venue was Affinity Riverside Estate.

Johnathan and I had a really weird start. We actually went to high school together for three years. We were in the same grade, we had classes together, and we had mutual friends. However, we had no idea each other existed until graduation. (We even sat two seats away from each other in College Algebra our senior year, and still didn’t meet). We met informally at a graduation party a week before we graduated, and then we hung out for the first time at our Project Grad. I told my best friend, Caleb, all about this boy I had met, and he enlightened me that they were actually friends and he would “go for it” if he were me. I am so thankful for Caleb and social media, because I sent John a message on Facebook reaching out to him, and the rest is history.