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Andrea and Gabe’s United Family~ 7-8-23


How or where did you meet?

I was onboarding to Colorado DOC (as a nurse) and he was teaching the self defense tactics class. We knew then that there was a connection beyond what we could explain. It wasn’t until later, when working closely in the prison, that we got to know each other and gave into the sparks we had for one another. This is the most healthy and beautiful relationship we’ve ever had and God brought us together in the worst of places to give us our chance for the life He intended us to have.

How did you get proposed to?

On our way home from dinner one night in December, he passed my street to take me home and took me up to a cliff point that overlooks a reservoir. It was cold and windy but he didn’t care! He was determined! He led me out to one of the overlook points and got down on a knee and proposed! Nothing else mattered, like how cold it was!

Where did you get married?

The Nature and Wildlife Center has a deck and indoor facility on the river that they rent out.

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?

Our personal vows and Gabe’s vows to my children were my most favorite part of our wedding day. Every word from our hearts, we’re the most beautiful promises to each other. Gabe spoke directly to my teenagers his promises to them. We preformed the sand ceremony to unite the 6 of us, his 2 sons and my daughter and son, as one family unit. Those were the best moments for us both.

What vendors did you use?

Normans Bridal for my dress. Mr Penguin for Gabe and my son’s suits. The Nature and Wildlife Discovery Center for venue. Jana with @j.d.bridal and Cherokee with @Cherokee.estheticss. Cakes by Marie, LLC for our cake and cupcakes. Angelos Pizza for our food. Finally, Pictured in Grace, for our wedding pictures.

Describe your dress?

My dress is the most beautiful thing I’ve worn in my entire life! Having been married before but no formal wedding dress, this was such a special thing for me to choose and have. The way it from to my curves and gave to the train was perfect! The lace was said by my seamstress to be the ‘Cadillac of laces’ because it was such good quality and detail.

What was your experience like at Normans Bridal?

Kate was the best fit for me! Once we talked and picked out a few gowns together, she ended up choosing this one for me to try one knowing it was the one that fit my dream I expressed to her. …and it was!