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Desiree and Michael’s Love Story Wedding

Mine and Michael’s love for each other all got started over a orange dune buggy. My father was rebuilding a motor for this toy of Michael’s when he got the great idea to set us both up. Little did he know he had picked the man of my dreams and my soulmate whom id spend the rest of my life with.

Me and Michael had gone to school with each other since the 6th grade but nothing more than friends was all I thought of him. Our relationship at first was slow going. I was perfect at pulling the “lets just be friends for awhile” until one night this handsome fella asked me out in a Walmart parking lot. From then on we spent 4 amazing years together building our relationship into the fun and loving adventure it was! I knew from the moment Michael asked me to be his girlfriend that he would one day be my husband, I could feel it! This year on May 21st we unified our love in front of 200 people and it was the best decision I have ever made in my life! Michael is the most loving, caring, and selfless person I know. He is my Prince Charming, and I can’t wait to see where our crazy love takes us! Heres to the next chapter baby!

God gave me you, for that I am very blessed!

Desiree McShane