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Emily and Michael’s Marvelous May Wedding ~ 5-18-19

How and or where did you meet?
We met in Spring of 2016, I was working at a nutrition store at the time and Michael was a CrossFit coach and personal trainer. I remember he came into the store one day and I thought to myself “holy guacamole, I NEED to know this man” *wipes drool off*

How did you get proposed to?
Every year we go to the fair and get our picture drawn by a caricature artist. (It was one of our very first dates) We’ve been going to the same guy that’s always there, Michael invited my family from OUT OF STATE to come down and his family also came to the fair with us….(I had literally no idea what was going to happen). He snuck away and got the artist to draw “Will you marry me?” on our picture and it will forever be one of my very favorite memories. I cried. A lot.

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
Once I walked down the aisle and got to Michael…..I remember we couldn’t stop smiling and I couldn’t stop jumping around and laughing. It’s so us to be goofy and that’s just what that moment was…. Us.

What vendors did you use at your wedding?

What was your experience like at Normans Bridal?
My family lives in Texas but I’m lucky enough to work at Norman’s and have a second family there. It was quick and easy because I knew exactly what I wanted but I will forever be grateful for my co workers, their support and the smiles when I said “YES!”