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IMG_9015 - Jordan Henslee

Jordan and Coleton’s Gorgeous September Wedding~9-1-18

How and or where did you meet?

We met in High School (technically we went to middle school together!). There was always “something” there, but we were always dating other people. Then, we started talking again in college and the rest is history!

How did you get proposed to?

a. The proposal was so well-thought out. I had told my, then fiancé, that I wanted something that was such a surprise. I wanted my closest family members there as well as my best friends. He said he would try his best, but how was it supposed to be a surprise, but also have family and friends there?? “Doesn’t that give it away?” he said. I told him there were three stipulations, I want my friends/family there, my nails must be done, and we needed to get a video of the proposal, or at least pictures to reminisce on. And I left it at that. Several months later on a summer evening, I was going to grab dinner with my sister. We went to a cute little upscale bar that had an outdoor patio overlooking the city. We get upstairs and out on the patio was my family and my, then, fiancé’s family with a television in between the two, along with two photographers. I had just taken my last final at school for the semester and I was just ready to relax for awhile. So when I saw our families, I was so confused (my brain wasn’t working.) Then, the television began playing. It was my fiancé talking about how much he loved me and wanted to be with me forever. So obviously I started sobbing. He had, for the past several months, put together a video for the proposal. The video consisted of ALL of my family members, my friends, his family members, and his friends giving their blessing. After each individual gave their blessing, Coleton, my fiancé, came back onto the screen and said, “Now I have to ask you the most important question…” and then screen went black. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to Coleton, down on one knee, where he asked me to marry him. A proposal on a beautiful, breezy, summer evening, overlooking our hometown city was nothing less than spectacular. And yes, for everyone wondering, my family was there, friends (via television), my nails were done, and he hired two photographers to capture the perfect images (and video) of the evening…he truly is a keeper!

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?

a. I would say the first special moment was when our officiant (my brother-in-law, which was special in and of itself) was giving his speech during the ceremony. He did such a wonderful job of not only talking to us personally as a couple, but also giving us real life tips that will truly be useful to our marriage in the future. He didn’t just fly through the scripture of a memorized speech and say things like “be kind, respect one another,” but rather “this marriage is truly about the two of you…you can make it what you want.” Words from the heart like that go further with me than just the cliché passages. b. Another special memory was when we had our first dance. One of my bridesmaids is a fabulous singer (literally sounds like Carrie Underwood!) and she sang our first dance song, “I Get to Love You” by Ruelle. She was up there in her beautiful bridesmaids dress, as gorgeous as ever, just belting out the lyrics. It was so special for me to be able to have one of my best friends sing such a special song.

What vendors did you use at your wedding?

Photo/video: Alex and Austin McGee with McGee Creative Makeup: Airbrush by Andy Hair: Blush Studio Cake: Charity Fent Cakes Floral: Branson Party Rentals DJ: Complete Wedding Planner: Allie Rose Events Bridal Dress: Norman’s (duh) Tuxes: Phillips Formalwear

I had a wonderful experience at Norman’s Bridal. I am extremely picky, but when given too many options, I can’t ever make up my mind. So you can imagine the anxiety I was having going into dress shopping. Patty worked with me and helped accommodate myself and my bridesmaids as we came on multiple occasions. She made it super fun and super easy to pick the one!