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Katelyn and Levi’s Spectacular Love Story~6-2-18

Levi and I went to high school together but were two years and two worlds apart. He was into agriculture and I was busy with art so our social circles didn’t meet. It wasn’t until my senior year that we connected through his sister on Facebook. For me, it was love at first sight. I went home after our first date and told my parents I was going to marry this man! He, on the other hand, thought I was a little too young for him but he was going to give it a shot. Everything from there just seemed to go so smoothly. We dated for what seemed like a life time (which was really 3 years). It was very serious and we both knew we wanted to get married but Levi insisted we wait until I was done or closer to being done with college.

In September of 2017, Levi and I took a trip to Colorado to ride our horses and camp in the mountains. We were joined by Levi’s best friend who was on an Elk Hunt. On one of our rides Dustin met us on top of a mountain to take our picture. Little did I know that was the moment Levi asked me to marry him! It was the most spectacular moment of my life and we had beautiful pictures to remember it by as well.

Fast forward to June 2nd of 2018, our wedding day. We planned the day out to a T. Wedding outside, reception under the tent, and dancing in the barn, all at my Grandpas once house, before a fire destroyed it only a year prior and in memory of my grandma who had passed when I was young. God was definitely testing us that day, it rained twice, and hit 90+ degrees at one point but when it hit show time the skies cleared and an amazing breeze filled the air. Friends and family joined us in celebrating such a special day. It was honestly the best day of my life. I will never forget the look in my husbands eyes when I met him down the isle!