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Kayla and Jake’s Fairytale Wedding Day ~ 11-07-20

How and or where did you meet?
In 2017, Jake spotted me while attending a military meteorology course in Biloxi, MS. He was immediately captured by my hair and eyes. Our first interaction didn’t take place until a month later when I forgot my reflective belt and needed one to walk to class. He heard about my problem and within seconds offered me his spare one. Little did I know, it was a part of a bigger plan to get my number and hang out.

How did you get proposed to?
Fast forward two years later from when Jake and I met. While I was on deployment, Jake coordinated with my roommate to fly from England to my destination and propose. I was coming from a local coffee shop and when I walked in my living quarters, Jake was standing there with a dozen roses and dropping to one knee.

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
Our favorite wedding memory is when my father walked me down the aisle and gave me away. This moment symbolizes so much love, support, and respect that we were all overwhelmed. It made our wedding day such a reality to know that we were starting a new life together.

What vendors did you use at your wedding?
We only used one food vendor to cater our meats due to having a destination wedding. Luckily my mother is a chef so she was able to prepare all of our other menu items with the assistance from my sisters and aunts.
-KC’s BBQ (Scottsboro, AL)
-Cybill Smith photography
-linseyhuffakerphoto (Instagram)

What was your experience like at Normans Bridal?
My mother-in-law knew the perfect bridal shop after hearing about the look I was going for and our first stop was Norman’s bridal. My experience at Normans bridal was everything a girl dreams of when finding her perfect dress. I’ve been imaging my dress from the first time I watched Beauty and the Beast and I was able to find it at Norman’s. When I gave my description, which was very scrambled due to being extremely excited, my assistant found my dress in two tries! Putting on the perfect dress, I bawled! My assistant was beyond helpful and I didn’t have to lift a finger or a foot! She made me feel very comfortable and was interested in not only my love story but how I genuinely felt about getting married. I highly recommend this bridal shop to any type of bride because they’re dress selection is phenomenal!