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Kenzie and Keith’s Forever Vow~6-16-18

My husband Keith and I actually went to the same small high school; he was a senior when I was a freshman, so we knew each other, but we didn’t actually start dating until my freshman year of college. We had talked off and on a little the year before, but nothing came of it until each of our best friends (they’re brother and sister) planted the seed to each of us that the other would be at their family’s Super Bowl party. We both showed up and never said a single word to each other the whole time. When I got home after the game, I had a text from him saying, “So how ’bout that game?” After that, we played endless games of Connect 4 via text, bonded over our musical interests, went on our first date, fell in love super fast, started a dog family together, took a trip to Italy where he FINALLY proposed, and vowed to be each other’s forever person on June 16th.

I’m horrible about narrowing down favorites, so I have attached several of my favorite wedding photos that our amazing photographer, Zayne Williams, captured of our day!