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Melissa and Corbin beachside proposal ~ 6-25-21

How and or where did you meet?
Corbin and I have known each other for as long as we can remember. We stayed in touch throughout our high school years but never ran in the same crowds and didn’t date until towards the end of our undergraduate careers.

How did you get proposed to?
We had gone down to Florida to visit my parents over the new year. As a part of my Christmas present Corbin had told me he wanted us to have a couples photoshoot with a professional photographer since we are awful at getting photos together when we are in the moment. Little did I know, that Corbin had already asked Rodger & Caressa (father & mother of bride) for my hand and in marriage. He then had a ring designed and made based off various hints and ideas. We drove to the beach that evening around sunset time for the photoshoot. Once the ring was safely transferred to the photographer’s backpack without me noticing, we began the photoshoot.

While the photographer was getting us into position for a different style of photo, the photographer pointed off in the distance to distract me, all the while, slipping Corbin the ring box behind my back.

After the ring was exchanged, the photographer asked me to lead Corbin away to have my back to the camera. Once we reached the water, Corbin spun me around and dropped on a knee and said, “Will you make me the happiest man in the world by spending the rest of our lives together?”

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
I don’t know that I have a specific favorite memory. The whole day was amazing and exactly what we wanted. My funniest memory was having Heath (the best man) dress up in a white dress and have a first look with Corbin. My most meaningful memory however was Corbin and I’s last dance where we had the DJ play “One man band” by Old Dominion, everyone left and we were able to just have a moment to ourselves and to take in the day at the end of the night.

What vendors did you use at your wedding?
Inner Images Photography
Artistry in Bloom
Diamonds and Dos
Greenhouse Two Rivers
Elevate Entertainment
Mitchum Jewelers

What was your experience like at Normans Bridal?
I loved wedding dress shopping at Normans. They made it easy to make the decision on my wedding dress.