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Melissa and Tom’s Move Back Home Changed Everything Love Story 6-3-17

Tom and I met in the middle of 2015 after we both moved back to the Ozarks . From busy city life, to small town charm, we met at a small sports bar and hit it off immediately. We were inseparable since. From then on, little did I know my life would change for the better and I would get to spend everyday with my best friend, my long lost, but now found soulmate. Every date was an adventure. We shared the love of classic music and the love of nature. We almost always ended up lake or river side and made sure to catch the sunset. On our third date we met at dawt mill in Missouri. At this time I lived in West Plains, MO and he lived in Lakeview, AR. When I got out of the car, Something was different about Tom. A different spark, a different sparkle, a confident and secure man as he complimented me. My face lit up. Tom has since told me, from that day forward he knew I was going to be his wife. Fast forward to a year later, August 19th, 2016. I graduated beauty school, I was moving in with Tom and starting a new job. He told me that morning, “welcome to the first day of the rest of your life”. That evening we want to a very nice dinner to celebrate. Tom was very nervous during the whole dinner. After dinner we went to the norfork dam. This spot was one of our favorite places from our early stages of dating. We were reminiscing and I turned around to see Tom on one knee. “Will you give me the honor in becoming my wife”? Without hesitation, I said “yes “! I started looking for wedding dresses. I saved a lot of photos from Pinterest of the most magical, beautiful gowns, that I figured I could never afford to buy. I tried several bridal stores with no success. Finally I ended up at Norman’s bridal. I showed Tara photos of inspiration and my price range. She went and gathered dresses without even knowing my size! She picked out amazing dresses. The first one was a special in their basement that was no longer made. It matched exactly all of my fairytale dresses I have ever liked. I tried it on and walked out to my best friend and mother with the biggest smile on my face. I knew it was the one. I felt elegant, glamorous and classy. I tried on the other four and they were all fabulous as well. Tara was there the whole time and never showed any type of frustration when I wanted to try on a couple dresses again. She was absolutely wonderful. Tara and Normans helped me find my dream come true, fairytale wedding dress!

Photo Credit: AJK Photography