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Shelby and Dwight’s Best Lap Yet~11-18-17

How and or where did you meet?
Dwight and I met at a mutual friend’s party in the town that we now live in. We added each other on Snapchat that night and here we are now.

How did you get proposed to?
My husband used to race dirt track cars and going to a race track was a weekly routine. This trip was different, however, because a lot of my family members wanted to watch Dwight race. They had not been able to attend any other races as they all live too far away. Somehow, I thought nothing of it and was blissfully unaware of what was about to happen. I did what I always do and sat in the stands to wait to see him pull on the the track for hot laps. I was too distracted by trying to find his car that I didn’t realize all my family was turned staring at me and that the stadium announcer had made his way right next to me. I caught sight of his car because it looked different than the last time I had saw it. The car had a large decal on it. As he came around the track closer to me, I could read that it said, “Shelby WILL YOU MARRY ME?”. With all the commotion of the loud cars, announcer, people in the stands it took a few minutes to compute what had just happened. My family had all known this was going to happen and wanted to be there for this special moment. Once I realized he had proposed, I was so happy that I was shaking! Dwight pulled his car off the track and into the pits. I left the stands to go into the pits where he had gotten out of his car and was on one knee proposing. I said YES!

What was your favorite memory from your wedding day?
My favorite memory was when us newly-weds were able to retreat for a breather right after the ceremony. It was such a happy and serene moment to just sit together for a few minutes, knowing we are now husband and wife. I enjoyed that moment with him and it allowed me to relax. My plans and schedules were no longer worrying me. It was just him and I.

What vendors did you use at your wedding?
Venue: SomePlace Nice, LLC – Pierce City, Missouri – Instagram @someplacenicellc
Photography: Danielle Saffer Photography – Facebook
Videographer: David Watson Photography & Videography – Facebook
Caterer: Frickenschmidt Foods, LLC – Lockwood, Missouri
Dress: Norman’s Bridal – Springfield, Missouri
Tuxedo’s: Dot’s Hallmark – Lamar, Missouri
Makeup: Juli Jones – Instagram @julijones_oasisjoplin
Hair: Tia Burcham
Flowers: Wisteria House – Greenfield, Missouri
Cake/Cupcakes: Small Cakes – Joplin, Missouri

What was your experience like at Normans Bridal?
Normans Bridal was the first shop we stopped at when I was looking for my wedding dress. They asked me what kind of dress I was wanting and I told them my budget. It only took them 2 tries to find the “one” for me. The dress had to be ordered because I wanted the other color option that was not available in-store. The payment process was extremely easy and the dress came in quicker than expected. With Normans Bridal’s service and quality, I would recommend them to anyone!