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Taylor and George's Wedding

Taylor and George’s June Country Wedding

When I decided that Norman’s was the place I was going to go to, I was so excited. When picturing the day I went to find a dress, I often thought of “Say Yes to the Dress”. My experience at Normans was right on the money for that kind of experience. When I got to Norman’s I had about 7 dresses picked out from their website and i was skeptical of how the appointment was going to go. I was paired with a wonderful saleswoman that helped me to find my perfect dress. She was helpful in finding the dresses I had picked out and making sure I had all of them to try before looking at others. The dress I chose was the 3rd one. I instantly loved it as soon as we put it on. It was PERFECT. It was made for my build and make. I had no troubles with getting my dress in and was so pleased to go try it on when it came in. This dress turned out to be one of the best things about our wedding (maybe for me more than George :-)). I wish I could wear it everyday I love it so much. The quality of my dress was awesome as well. We were on hay bales and tractors as well as other stuff during pictures and my dress never tore or had any troubles with the fabric getting ruined. I highly recommend Normans Bridal to find the perfect dress for your perfect wedding day!