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Timeless Wedding Dress Styles

Embrace the elegance of classic wedding gowns at Normans Bridal. Although following trends is a great way to live in the moment, there’s something to be said about a classic wedding dress. Consider the iconic style of Jackie Kennedy’s ballgown, a source of inspiration for countless modern designers. Whether you identify as more of an Audrey Hepburn or a Marilyn Monroe, we’ve created a list of timeless bridal dress styles that you’ll still love decades from now.


A hallmark of the elegant timeless wedding dress, lace has been a bridal favorite for centuries. In February of 1840, Queen Victoria shocked all of England when she chose a white wedding dress. Her choice not only popularized white as a bridal color but also established lace as a timeless wedding dress trend. Her dress is known as the dress that started it all. Rumor has it she even had her dress destroyed afterward to prevent any knockoffs. Today, lace remains a cornerstone in timeless classic wedding dress designs.

Get the Look: Check out this dress with lace trim at the bottom and a classic sweetheart neckline. For a subtle nod at a modern-day trend, go with a dress that has a cream, blush, or champagne lining. The subtle contrast will make the lace pop.

Bateau Neckline

The film Funny Face is a favorite among many fashion enthusiasts. In the film, Audrey Hepburn wears a timeless bateau neckline wedding dress that crops just above her ankles. This wider neckline can balance a larger midsection by drawing the eye out to the shoulders. A bateau neckline flatters a variety of figures, especially those with small to medium busts, pear shapes, and slender shoulders.

Get the Look: If you’re not feeling quite as bold as Audrey, go with a full-length, bateau-neckline dress from our classic wedding dress range. Accessorize with a vintage pendant necklace for an elegant look, or own the simplistic style and go without a necklace.

English Net Skirt

English netting, similar to tulle, has been showing up on wedding dresses for decades. This tried-and-true fabric will bring a classic, vintage look to any dress. English netting has a natural stretch to it with a dense, tight hexagon knit, so you won’t have to worry about it getting caught in a light breeze. Because this material is so soft, it drapes beautifully.

Get the Look: For a timeless bridal ballgown look, go with a dress that has layers with altering heights. This will add volume to your dress and create a focal point.

Pure and Simple

As the saying goes, sometimes less is more. You can’t go wrong with a simple white gown with few embellishments or layers. These types of timeless classic wedding dresses won’t go out of style, and you’ll save yourself the trouble of looking back 30 years later and questioning your dress choice.

Get the Look: If you are going to opt for no embellishments or lace, go with an elegant timeless wedding dress that has a stunning shape. A mermaid dress with a boat neckline will put the focus on your beautiful curves, hair, and makeup. 


Whether or not you are planning on passing your dress on to your future daughter, going with a classic wedding gown rather than a trendy wedding dress will ensure that your wedding photos withstand the test of time. But whether you’re looking for a trendy gown or a classic wedding dress, stop by Normans Bridal. Our showroom is full of timeless bridal gowns to choose from. Not only will our bridal consultants assist you in finding your dream wedding dress, but they will also help you assemble your full bridal look, from shoes to hair accessories. RSVP for a fitting at our downtown Springfield store by giving us a call at 417-866-9800 or contact us through our website.