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Tips for Prom Dress Shopping

Prom night is one of the most anticipated events for high school students, and finding the perfect prom dress is crucial. With so many prom dress stores, can be overwhelming. As you look around at all your options, you might find it hard to narrow down your choices, and it would take days to try on all of the dresses. Luckily, prom dress shopping doesn’t have to be this challenging. With a little prep work, you will love your prom shopping experience. Here are our top Use these tips for prom dress shopping so you can finding a dream prom dress you adore with minimal stress.

Woman putting on blush-pink mermaid-fitting formal dress with billowing ruffles. | Normans Bridal

Tips for Prom Dress Shopping

When It Comes to People, Less Is More

We know it can be fun to gather a group of your best friends and scour the dress racks until you find the perfect gown for each girl in the group. However, your expectations for a fun afternoon out can quickly turn into a chaotic day of waiting in line for the dressing room and feeling overwhelmed by all the activity. We recommend limiting your group to one or two additional people. Those people can be two of your best friends, your mom and sister, or perhaps even your grandma (I’m sure she’d love an invite!). Unfortunately, if you bring too many people along, the shopping experience may become stressful as you struggle to balance all of the differing opinions.

Research Flattering Dress Shapes

Sometimes prom dress trends look gorgeous on the hanger but lackluster on your figure. Save yourself time and disappointment by researching the best types of dresses for your body shape:

  • Hourglass Figure: If you have an hourglass figure, reach for mermaid gowns and any dress type that cinches at the waist, like an A-line dress.
  • Pear Figure: For women with wider hips and narrow shoulders, dresses with wide necklines can even out the body’s proportions.
  • Petite Figure: If you’re short, don’t shy away from full-length dresses. Long dresses can actually add visual height, especially if they have a deep V-neck.
  • Tall Figure: Why not embrace your height and go with a ballgown dress? This style isn’t as flattering on shorter women, but it actually evens out the height on taller women.

While this is one of our for prom dress shopping tips, you can ignore it if you like. Even if conventional wisdom says that a particular style won’t suit your body type, feel free to rock it anyway! Find the dress you love most.

Wear Comfortable Undergarments

The right undergarments can enhance the entire look of each dress you try on. After all, bright bra straps and uncomfortable underwear make even the most beautiful dresses look unflattering and feel awkward. We suggest wearing nude-colored underwear and undergarments that fit you well. If you plan on trying on a lot of backless dresses, wear adhesive silicone covers instead of a strapless bra.

Bring Along Pictures of Dresses You Love

Bringing along pictures of dresses that inspire you can improve your communicate with your dress stylist and help her find dresses you’ll adore. Simply create a Pinterest board, bookmark your favorites on Instagram, or take a few screenshots with your phone. Try to think of one or two words that describe your ideal dress, such as romantic, fun, glamorous, or vintage. This will give your shopping trip direction and help you locate some contenders quickly.


If you need more prom dress shopping tips, look to your local prom dress shop. If you live near southwest Missouri, the team of experts at Normans Bridal is here to help. Not only will our experienced consultants help you find a dress that’s beautiful and flattering, but they can also help you assemble an entire prom look, from the dress and shoes to jewelry and hair accessories. Stop by our formal dress store in downtown Springfield when you’re ready to start shopping, and give us a call at 417-866-9800 if you have any questions. Be sure to visit our website to view our wide selection of prom dresses. In addition, follow us on Instagram to see the latest prom dresses and ball gowns arriving in store.