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Top Five Common Mistakes While Shopping for a Wedding Dress

When it comes to shopping for the perfect gown, there are common mistakes that brides often make. Shopping for a wedding dress should be fun and stress free. So, we want to make you aware of some of the mistakes that you can easily avoid. Here are the top 5 mistakes we have found that brides make when shopping.

Not discussing budget before shopping

It is really important to know your budget before shopping. Dresses look different in different price ranges. If you aren’t truthful with your stylist about your budget then you might find “the” dress out of your budget. Then you will have an expectation that just can’t be achieved with a lower priced gown. Nobody wants to settle on a wedding dress. This is one of the most avoidable of all common mistakes.

Not researching the stores you plan to shop beforehand
This is a mistake that is made by so many brides. How easy is it to google bridal shops in your area and check out each store’s website or social media pages? You know you are on your phone anyway! This will allow to you get a feel for what each store has to offer! We suggest you also call and talk with them about their gown’s price range (which will also give you an idea of stores to avoid or go to first depending on your budget) and how an appointment with them will go so you know what to expect!

Not shopping early enough/shopping too early
When is the perfect time to shop? If you have it, it is recommended to shop 9 months to a year out from your wedding date. Most designers have a four- seven month production time and you also want to plan for about four- six week for alterations. Now, all of these numbers are flexible and are dependent on the designer of the gown, size, color etc. If your wedding 9 months or less away don’t fret! You do still have options. Lots of bridal stores sell gowns out of stock (off the rack). Most designers also keep gowns in production that can potentially ship faster than their normal predicted shipping time. This is also a great thing to mention when you call your bridal shop for more information. They can tell you more about your options.
If you are planning a long engagement and don’t plan to get married for another year or so then I don’t recommend going shopping unless you are ready to actually purchase that day. Gowns come and go in bridal stores all the time and there is always a new line coming in. Odds are that if you find a gown you love but aren’t planning on purchasing for another six months or more, that gown may not be available to purchase any more and there will be new gowns to choose from.
Tip: Don’t go wedding dress shopping without a set wedding date or without having a few dates in mind. Your date and the time you have will determine your options when picking dresses to try.

Bringing too many people to your appointment
Wedding dress shopping is definitely a special event and you want to share that with the special people in your life…but how many people is TOO many people? It is recommended that you bring no more than 3-4 people with you to your appointment. Think of it as the less people you have the easier it is to keep the appointment about you and not about them! Sometimes when there is a big party of people the bride’s wants and concerns are overshadowed by everybody else’s opinions. A bride is allowed to bring whomever she wishes to her appointment but don’t be afraid to keep it a more intimate experience with just your closest family or friends. You still want your gown to be a surprise to some people on your wedding day right?

Being closed minded about your style
The biggest common mistakes a bride could make during her bridal appointment is to not be open to trying on things that are different or out of her comfort zone. Pinterest is great to help us find ideas but just because you loved it on Pinterest doesn’t mean you are going to love it once you put it on or vice versa. You will most likely be working with a trained bridal stylist that helps brides find their dream dress day after day so they should know a thing or two about what might look good on you! Just because you try it on doesn’t mean you have to buy it! If you hate it, move on to the next dress but maybe just maybe you might LOVE IT and say YES! It really does happen more often than you would think.

Now that you know the common mistakes it is time to start shopping! If you live near southwest Missouri, the team of experts at Normans Bridal are here to help. Not only will our experienced consultants help you find a dress that’s beautiful and flattering, but they can also help you assemble an entire wedding look from the dress to jewelry and hair accessories. Stop by our downtown Springfield store when you’re ready to start shopping, and give us a call at 417-866-9800 if you have any questions. Be sure to visit our website to view our wide selection of wedding, bridesmaid and prom dresses. In addition, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see the latest arrivals and events.