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Trendy Wedding Color Themes

Trending Wedding Color Palettes of 2023

Sage and Neutrals
Sage has by far been the top color for weddings all year round. Sage can be used in any different theme whether it be rustic, classic, or romantic. Sage is a perfect go-to color scheme for any season.

Burnt Orange
Burnt orange is a very unique pop of color this year that is perfect for late summer or fall weddings. Burnt Orange can perfectly mix with mustard yellows, browns, and burgundies.

Navy is definitely a timeless color to be used in a classic wedding. When paired with yellows or gold, it can be classic yet sophisticated. Other tints of navy have also been used to create a beautiful contrast.

Shades of Purple
Purple is a color theme that has been popular all year long. A beautiful lilac hue paired with neutrals is perfect for a romantic spring wedding. While a dark purple is often paired with a deep green to represent greenery which had been very popular in the fall/winter months.

Moody Colors
This color palette can consist of any dark bold color. This fall and winter, we’ve seen beautiful greens and deep fuchsia that create the most perfect winter weddings.

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