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Wedding Notes- Fit for the Groom

WEDDING NOTES – Fit for the Groom

tuxedos3Make sure that the groom and his wedding party are sized and fit for their formal wear by someone who knows the correct look.  Most formalwear experts will tell you that tuxedos fit somewhat differently than the jackets and trousers men wear on a daily basis.

*Tuxedo pants tend to fit looser than the pants men wear daily.  That fact makes most men think the trousers are too big and they lobby for a smaller size.  But tux pants have a looser fit on purpose.  It keeps the pleats flat and the pockets from bulging open.  They don’t fit like everyday jeans!

*Tuxedo shirts should fit well at the neck – no gaping and no restrictive tightness.  A perfect fit lays comfortably at the neck.  The shirtsleeves should edge just past the wrist and no more than one inch of cuff should show beneath the sleeve of the jacket.

*Pant legs should rest gently across the top of the shoes.  Too frequently, tux pants are not properly hemmed and either touch the floor in the back or display too much sock.

*A properly fitted jacket will not show strain at the seams nor will there be pulling across the shoulders.  The jacket will button comfortably without gapping.

* The cummerbund should fit comfortably at the waistline and should not slip or slide out of place.

*If there is a vest as part of the package, it should button or close comfortably around the shirt without puckering the shirt of sagging front or back.

Alerting the groom/groomsmen to these fit variations before the wedding party is fitted, will help insure that they look their best on your big day.

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