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Wedding Notes- The Rehearsal Dinner

wedding rehearsal dinner 2WEDDING NOTES-The Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is an integral part of the wedding celebration.  It is a happy and relaxing time for family and friends.  It is designed to bring people together and sets the tone for the ceremony and celebration to come.

Traditionally, the groom’s family hosts the party.  They invite the immediate families of the bride and the groom, the officiating clergy and spouse, the complete wedding party and their spouses or dates.  If there are out-of-town guests include them in the evening’s festivities.

It is usually held immediately following the wedding rehearsal held the night before the ceremony.

At the dinner use a seating chart and place cards to help people insure that they meet each other.

While the bridal couple and their parents usually sit at the head table, more and more couples are choosing to mingle with their guests.

As the host, the groom’s father makes the traditional toast to the couple and at this time he may introduce everyone if there is a chance that some guests are unfamiliar with those in attendance.

This party is a perfect time to present gifts to attendants, especially if the items given are to be worn at the wedding.

While it is a party, insure that it doesn’t last too long.  Every member of the wedding party needs to get a good night’s sleep so they look their best at the main event the next day.