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Wedding Notes-Wedding Bouquet Styles

1350-Flowers2WEDDING NOTES – Wedding Bouquet Styles

As you consider the style of flowers you want for your bridal bouquet, there are several factors to consider.  You will want to settle on a color, fragrance, whether or not the flowers will last or hold up and the shape or style of the arrangement.

The price of the bouquet is usually set by the amount of labor required to create it, the size of the bouquet and certainly by the type of flowers chosen.  In season local blossoms will be far more reasonable than blooms that must be shipped in.

There are several basic bouquet styles from which to choose.  Your florist can help you select the one that fits your gown, the degree of formality of the wedding and is appropriate for your body type.  These are the basic shapes.

  • Exposed Stems – also called a hand-tied arrangement. Currently popular, this is a tightly packed cluster of flowers gathered to form a round bouquet in which the stems are ribbon wrapped.  If this arrangement is fitted into a bouquet holder is it also known as a nosegay.  It works well for more informal weddings.
  • Arm Bouquet – Also known as a Ms. America, it is a traditional wedding bouquet in which long stemmed flowers like roses, calla lilies or gladiolus are loosely ribbon tied and worn resting the crook of one arm.
  • Cascade –is a waterfall of flowers and greenery gathered into a handle. Any type of flower can be used.  It is an elegant look that is best worn with a formal wedding gown.  A tall or medium-tall bride can carry this look off nicely.  The labor involved in assembling a cascade can make it higher priced than other choices.
  • Crescent – is a half moon shaped formal arrangement in which flowers are wired into shape. It is a popular selection for orchids and flat, glossy greens.
  • Posy – is a smaller version of a nosegay. These are usually quite inexpensive because they don’t require as many flowers.  They are perfect for a smaller bride.