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Wedding Veil Tips

From Meghan Markle to Mandy Moore, celebrities have wowed us with their stunning veils and proved that this age-old tradition is still very much alive. If you want to add a feminine touch of elegance to your wedding ensemble, consider wearing a veil. By taking these wedding veil tips to heart, you will love the way you look on your special day. 

Bride and groom smiling under veil, noses touching

Wedding Veil Tips

Keep Your Dress, Height, and Venue in Mind

When picking out a veil, you need to consider three factors: your dress, your height, and your venue.

If your dress has lavish detail, you might not want to choose an elaborate veil that has lace trim or a polka dot pattern because it could overshadow the dress. On the other end, if you have a simple, classic dress, you may wish to have fun with a bold and detailed veil. 

Of course we can all dream about wearing a veil that stretches over eight feet long, but you might want to consider how well it will look on your frame. Girls who have a more petite stature may want to consider a shorter veil that won’t overwhelm their height.

If you’re getting married in a grand interior venue, such as a cathedral or a historic hotel, you may wish to choose a long veil to match the grandiose space. A long veil can be tricky at an outdoor wedding, however; think carefully about the aisle to ensure the veil won’t get dirty or caught on something as you walk. You could also enlist some members of your bridal party to carry the train down the aisle behind you. A shorter veil would be more convenient and easy to keep clean. Plus, no one wants their veil to double as a mosquito net! 

Handle with Care

Veils are extremely delicate, and even the smallest tear can show up on brides with darker hair. Store your veil in the special bag that it came with, and keep it hung up to ensure it stays clean and protected. This is one of the most important wedding veil tips, especially if you hope to preserve your veil for years to come. If your veil is wrinkly, do not iron it under any circumstances. Simply use a steamer to release the wrinkles, and you should be good to go. 

When the time comes to place your veil on, watch out for hair accessories, thorns on hairpiece flowers, bobby pins sticking out, and jewelry. Pay careful attention when you are walking through doorways as well. All it takes is one stray nail or a sharp piece of metal to destroy your veil. 

Secure It Well

Flyaway veils are a much more common problem than you might think. If you plan on taking any of your photos outside or even hosting the ceremony outside, make sure you have your hair stylist show your bridal party the best way to secure your veil. If your veil is a traditional veil with a comb already attached, it should be fairly easy. 

Have Fun with Your Veil in Photos

To get the most out of your veil, make sure to get your photographer on board to take stunning veil-focused images. Snuggle in close with your partner and throw the veil over the two of you to get the perfect shot. Another great photo op is when the wind blows your veil. Search Pinterest for creative veil photos and share them with your photographer.


Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of our wedding veil tips, you should be able to choose and care for a veil without too much stress.

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