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Bridesmaid looking over wedding venue

Wedding Dress vs. Wedding Venue

Thoughts and Advice for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress!

When you get engaged there are two things that everybody will tell you are the most important things to take care of first. The venue and your wedding dress. Most brides take their venue into account when choosing their perfect wedding gown. Whether you are getting married in a church, the outdoors, or in a unique venue setting, your dress can be a reflection on not only you but the feel you want your wedding to exude. Things like fabric, necklines, and silhouette shape can all be factors to consider.

If you plan for an outdoor ceremony, the fabric on your wedding dress is something to really consider. Fabrics like crepe, jersey, or Mikado are light weight but sturdy enough to withstand being on the ground without getting torn unlike tulle. Also, the length of your train is something to consider as well. Gowns with shorter trains or a train with less layers of fabric work best for the outdoors but if your perfect gown has a long train you can always add a bustle to keep it up off the ground.
If your wedding is in a church many brides consider the neckline or silhouette of their dress instead of fabric. Some churches do have certain restrictions on what type of neckline can be worn or that it must be approved by the church before the wedding. Many brides also take into consideration things like the number of stairs to climb, the width or length of the aisle or other venue restrictions when choosing a style or silhouette of gown for practicality reasons.

Having been in the business for almost 40 years,  we see 75% of brides begin shopping with a mindset of finding a dress that they not only love but that works with their venue as well and that is great! Most of the time that kind of mindset helps them to decide between their favorites because they have more criteria to consider when making their final decision but that other 25% of brides pick the dress they love no matter where the wedding is being held. We have had a bride get married on the beach in Mexico in a huge ball gown and another bride wear long sleeves in August.
Moral of the story is no matter where you are getting married, if you find the dress of your dreams…wear it! If that is the dress you can see yourself getting married in then that is the dress you should choose. Trust your yourself and how you feel!

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