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What to Wear to a Wedding Dress Appointment

When you look back on your months of wedding planning, trying on dresses should be a memory you cherish. After all, it’s one of your first glimpses into what it truly feels like to be a bride. The trusted family members and friends that you bring along will be there to support and celebrate with you, and there is nothing quite like the surreal moment when you first see yourself in a wedding dress. Don’t let the stress of being unprepared ruin a great day. Knowing what to wear to a wedding dress appointment will help the day run smoothly. Plan ahead so you can feel carefree in the moment.

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A young woman holding a wedding dress on a hanger, with two women looking at other dresses behind her.

What to Wear to Try On Wedding Dresses

Subtle Undergarments

First things first, make sure you’re wearing comfy and nude-colored undergarments. Although most wedding dresses have layers and layers of fabric, some thinner white dresses can definitely reveal the color of your underwear, which is why it’s important to wear undergarments that match your skin tone to some extent. If you plan on trying on form-fitting dresses, like mermaid gowns, avoid panty lines by wearing thin undergarments. We also suggest wearing a strapless bra or silicone covers so you can step out of the dressing room with confidence. The most important thing to remember is that whatever you choose to wear under your clothes, make sure it is comfortable and fits you properly.

At Normans Bridal, we don’t want our brides to stress over finding the perfect undergarments before their appointment, so we offer a selection of bras and slips for try-on purposes. And after you find the perfect dress, we can provide advice regarding what to wear under your chosen dress on the big day.

Sturdy Heels or Comfy Flats

If you’re on the shorter side, you’ll quickly learn that walking in a floor-length dress pre-alterations can be a bit tricky. By wearing a sturdy heel, like a wedge, you won’t have to worry quite as much about tripping over the fabric. If you plan on wearing heels on your wedding day, wearing them to your appointment will also give you a pretty good idea of how each wedding dress will look on you proportionally. However, definitely don’t wear heels that are uncomfortably tall and difficult to walk in. On the other end, you can’t go wrong with a pair of comfy flats when you’re trying on wedding dresses, especially if you’re tall. Whether you decide to go with wedges, heels, or flats, make sure they are easy to slip on and off. You’d be surprised at how hard it is to buckle a pair of shoes with ankle straps when you’re wearing a wedding dress!

No Extra Accessories

Ideally, the only accessory you should wear to your bridal appointment should be your engagement ring. Wearing extra bracelets, rings, necklaces, or hair clips will get in the way of trying on dresses, and they could potentially snag fabric. If you already have your wedding day jewelry picked out, you should still bring it to your appointment. Just ask someone to help you put the jewelry on after you’re dressed.


Now that you know what to wear to a wedding dress appointment, it’s time to begin your search. If you live near Springfield, Missouri, stop by Normans Bridal, a full-service bridal salon. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide recommendations regarding style, fabric, and color, and we will assist you with zippers, laces, and buttons to ensure that the appointment runs smoothly. In addition, we would be happy to offer honest feedback to help you narrow down your choices. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 417-866-9800. With our wide selection of gowns, affordable prices, and helpful consultants, you’re sure to enjoy shopping for your wedding dress at Normans Bridal.