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What Your Bridal Consultant Wants You To Know-Part 2

#8. Relax.  We want you to have fun and enjoy your day, it is much more fun for us when everyone is having a good time.

#9. Only bring 1-4 guests with you. Why? Too many opinions! The only opinion that really matters is the brides’ and maybe the person paying for the dress. Yes it is good to have moral support to help you with your decision but we have found that when too many guests are with a bride she easily gets confused and stressed. 

#10. Don’t just come to look. It seems harmless enough right? WRONG. It can set you up for disappointment. What if you find “THE dress” and have no way to pay for it? What if it isn’t order-able? How would you feel? Also, styles change. In two years we likely won’t have any of the dresses we have in stock now. Why pick a style and then look again in a year? You might decide the first style was better and now you can’t get it.  This really does happen! We aren’t in this business to break hearts, so listen when we say “don’t shop until you are ready to purchase.”

#11. Having your hair and make-up fixed when you come in to try on dresses gives you a better idea of the final look. Also, the best time to accessorize is while you are in your gown.

#12.  If you enjoyed working with your consultant let them know! The biggest compliment you can give is a referral of a friend.  Just so you know-you can always request a specific consultant.

#13. Be honest! You will not hurt our feelings  if you do not like a gown.  It can help us find “THE dress” faster.

#14. Finding the dress is a very important day and can take time. Usually children get bored and become uninterested. We love children, but if you have a babysitter handy you might drop the kiddos off for a few hours.