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You Are NOT Shopping Too Early!

Believe it or not prom is right around the corner. Most proms happen in April and May.  Shopping early can never be a bad decision. While you may think early shopping starts in the beginning of March, truly the best time to start shopping can be as early as the end of December! Here are some of the benefits of planning and shopping early. 

The Best Selection
No matter where you go, most stores will receive the bulk of their dresses for the prom season in late December and early January. So, shopping in December and January will give you the biggest selection to choose from! Nothing is worse than waiting too late, and not being able to find your  dream prom dress.

Time for Alterations
Let’s be real, it is totally rare for a girl to find a dress and not have some type of alterations. If that’s you, then go you, girl!! If your height is on the shorter side, plan to get alterations because most dresses made for someone 5′ 10″.Make sure you give your self 4-8 weeks for alterations.  (This can also vary depending on who your seamstress is)

Getting the First Pick
When shopping for your dress, most girls like to make sure they don’t have the same dress as another person in their group/school. When you shop at Norman’s we do our utmost best to make sure your dress will not go in the same color to someone else at your school. If you shop earlier, you can get first pick before certain dresses are already going to your school!

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Prepared
There is nothing wrong with being ahead of the game! One of the best feelings is when you find your dress and there is no more searching to be done! The pressure is finally GONE. Plus, after you find your dress, you can start shopping for other fun things like accessories, shoes, and jewelry!

Shopping for a prom dress should be fun! You should also do your research and choose a store that sells dresses from designers you like as well as offer personal service to make the experience on you remember fondly. If you are located in central Missouri or Northern Arkansas we invite you in to shop our huge selection of prom and formalwear. Be sure to follow us on social media to see all of the most current trends and new arrivals. No appointment is needed to shop for a prom dress at Normans Bridal! Shop anytime at