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10 Ways to Save Big Money at Your Wedding

1. Explore venues only in your budget!

Don’t even look at venues out of your budget. Why tempt yourself?  There are lots of amazing venues within your budget.

2. Skip over Saturdays 

Fridays and Sundays are usually way more affordable when it comes to your rentals, and can save you so much!

3.Make it a cash bar

Provide champagne or sparkling wine for the toast, but have guests pay for their own drinks beyond that. It really is okay, and you may not have to deal with guests who overdo it at an open bar. An alternative is to make it an open bar until after dinner, and then switch to a cash bar!

4.Go for a buffet style 

Large buffet-style servings of food in chafing dishes are typically more affordable than sit-down services due to less service staff and less time concerns for the chef. 

5.Buy décor Items in bulk

Tulle, burlap, ribbons, lace, and votive candles are all things you can buy in bulk that will save SO much money in the long run. Any décor you can DIY will save in the long run, but make sure to keep to your theme and style. 

6.Fairy light lanterns

Consider ordering battery powered fairy lights.  You can thrift cute jars/vases which can add beautiful lighting to your reception. 

7.Brown craft paper table covering

This is a fun cost effective choice for a rustic wedding. You can even write each guest’s name on the paper at their seat! Get creative; this day is about you as a couple. 

8.Soy candles

It is super cost effective to make your own scented or unscented candles in candle tins. This would be perfect to add lots of little homemade candles as décor to all of your reception tables! Or search an online marketplace for wedding décor and candles. Often times there are brides who have recently gotten married and are selling items from their wedding at a major discount. 

9.Explore dessert options 

The Average wedding cake costs anywhere around $500. Recently, it’s been the trend to do the non-traditional desert items such as donuts, cupcakes, or pies. Be YOU! What is your favorite dessert? 

10.Choose a favorite family owned restaurant

Usually, vendors outside of the wedding business are are little more cost effective. Ask around and see if your favorite restaurants cater. Finding a restaurant that your family enjoys on a regular basic can make the wedding even more personal. 


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