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Keep your guests cool

Keep Your Wedding Guests Comfortable

Wedding season is upon us! Summer and early fall are growing to be the “prime time” for couples tying the knot. With that comes beautiful fields, green grass, beautiful flowers… heat and humidity. If you live in the south, you know exactly what I’m talking about, am I right? Sure, making certain that your makeup doesn’t run and your hair stays neat can be a big task. But don’t forget about your guests!
It’s so important to remember to keep your guests content and happy. This is a special day for you but it is also one your guests will remember and cherish as well.  These are our top favorite ways we have found that keep your guests not only cool, but happy!

Using your venue to your advantage can make a huge difference in the experience of your wedding day. For example, if you are outside, try to find shade where the ceremony can take place instead of being in the sun. (This helps your photos turn out the best as well!). Let guests linger in the air conditioner while you take photos outside if possible. If you are doing the whole event outside consider renting a tent for the reception. The tent can block the sun and with a little breeze (or fan) can be quite comfortable.

Summer wedding favors can also play to your advantage. Giving guests something they will actually use like a small fan, a small umbrella, sunscreen or bug spray can make your favors worth it! Some couples will make their program time schedule into a fan for guests. Another fun thing to include at your wedding could be an ice cream or popsicle bar, or a frozen drink station.  Having a cool down for your guests after the ceremony while you take photos is a perfect way to transition into the reception.
Overall, there are SO many ideas out there that can help you stay cool on that hot, sunny day. Remembering to keep your guests happy will make the day special for you, but also special for them!

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