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How to Pick a Wedding Dress

The dress – two words that can make a bride experience an array of emotions. Before you find your wedding dress, it’s understandable to feel a little nervous. Wedding dress shopping might be different than anything you’ve experienced or expected. Many brides bring several friends and family members along for second, third, and fourth opinions. And while this can be fun, you’ve got to remember the number one rule of wedding dress shopping: Your opinion is the most important. Keeping that in mind, scroll down for our tips on how to pick a wedding dress.

 A woman looking at her appearance in a wedding dress in the mirror

How to Pick a Wedding Dress

Research Ideas

Before you go wedding dress shopping, do some research. Luckily, this type of research is much more fun than researching for a college paper. Gather bridal magazines and scour Pinterest for dress inspiration, and collect the photos of the dresses you like. Do you notice a common theme? Perhaps you are drawn to dresses with a two-tone look or lace overlays. Or maybe you love A-line dresses with illusion necklines. Next, make a list of words that describe these dresses, like bohemian, classic, romantic, contemporary, or vintage. Bring this list of words and pictures with you when you go shopping so you can give the bridal salon staff a clear picture of what you are looking for in a dress.

Make an Appointment

If you wake up one Saturday morning and decide to go spur-of-the-moment wedding dress shopping, some bridal salons will allow you to try on dresses without an appointment. However, it’s not a guarantee, and you should make an appointment to get the best experience possible. Bridal stylists can also help you pin the dresses that you try on so you can get a better idea of how it will fit after alterations. Brides who show up unannounced might not receive as much help and valuable expertise from salon stylists on staff.

Take Photos

Unless you have a photographic memory, taking photos of each dress you try on can be very helpful for the decision making process. Print the photos and lay them side by side. Feel free to make a pros-and-cons list of every dress, but don’t be too critical of yourself. Pay attention to which dresses highlight your favorite features. For example, do you love your curvy hips? Consider going with the mermaid dress that hugs your figure. Just keep in mind that sometimes photos, especially ones taken on cell phones, don’t do a dress justice. You’ll most likely be much happier with how you look in photos taken by your professional photographer on your wedding day.

Know When to Stop

Contrary to what you might think, there is such a thing as trying on too many dresses. When you’ve tried on dress after dress, you might notice that they start to blend together. But are there a few dresses that stand out? Those dresses are the important ones. If you find yourself comparing every new dress that you try on to one dress in particular, that’s a good indicator you’ve found the dressSo pop some champagne, and let your girls know that you’ve said yes to the dress!


Now that you know how to pick a wedding dress, are you ready to begin your search? If you live near Springfield, Missouri, stop by Normans Bridal, a full-service bridal salon. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can provide recommendations regarding style, fabric, and color, and we will assist you with zippers, laces, and buttons to ensure that the appointment runs smoothly. In addition, we would be happy to offer honest feedback to help you narrow down your choices. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please give us a call at 417-866-9800. With our wide selection of gowns, affordable prices, and helpful consultants, you’re sure to enjoy shopping for your wedding dress at Normans Bridal.