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I’m Getting Married, Now What?

First, take a deep breath. You are more than likely getting ready to orchestrate the biggest and most meaningful performance of your life. You have the ability to make wonderful memories or turn into a stressed bridezilla. We would rather you choose the first so here are a few tips. 

Remember what the ultimate goal is; GETTING MARRIED to the love of your life.

When should you start shopping for a dress?

Start shopping for your wedding gown 7-12 months prior to your wedding. Why? It can take up to 5 months to get a special order and you will need to leave time for alterations once your gown arrives. Can you shop with less than seven months? Absolutely. But in order to reduce the amount of stress during your planning always try to give yourself more time.

WHO should you bring shopping?

Bring 2-3 important people with you. Too many opinions can confuse and add stress that you just don’t need. Choose people who you trust their opinions but you know will keep your wishes in the forefront.

Ultimately this is YOUR big day.

Stay true to yourself and your feelings and you will end up with a wedding that is a reflection of you and your husband.