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Wedding Notes- Perfect-Yes, Flawless-Unlikely

wedding mishapWEDDING NOTES – Perfect -Yes, Flawless-Unlikely

Of course you want your wedding and reception to be perfect.  You will invest lots of time and effort and money to make that happen.  Perfect means that all your planning pays off and your wedding day is a lovely event that you and your groom will remember for years to come.  It was a perfect day for you two.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a flawless wedding day.  Things will happen over which you have zero control.  We all know stories about cakes that cracked on the way to the reception, flowers that did not look like what you ordered, a bridesmaid who fainted on the altar, a canceled flight that kept the maid of honor in an airport terminal instead of at the church with you, a flower girl who refused to walk down the aisle at the wedding after doing it beautifully at rehearsal or a back zipper that spread apart just as a bridesmaid was ready to walk down the aisle in the processional.

The trick is to make the event seem flawless.  Accept the fact that not everything will go as planned.  That is why we recommend hiring a wedding planner or a coordinator.  It is his/her job to handle flawless.  Your job is to enjoy your day and know that it is perfect for you and the groom you love.

If you do not have a wedding planner, we suggest that you select someone or two to fill that role in advance.  Entrust that person or persons to run interference for you and to calmly deal with the inevitable.  They will be the ones who will make sure the cake gets fixed, and will lend personal rings to use in the ceremony if the best man forgets or the ring bearer loses the real thing.  They are the ones who will oversee the plans and events and will handle the unexpected.  These are different from your personal attendant who will take care of all the little things you may need.  They are the event managers for one day so that you can focus on being the guest of honor.

The role requires tact and the ability to act calmly when others might panic.  Those you select will become managers for the day and will make sure you do get your PERFECT DAY.